Instant messaging from AutoAlert

With AutoAlert instant messaging, you can easily send instant messages to your colleagues from your desktop, mobile or tablet.

You can also communicate with your customers and subcontractors and get automated alerts if there are any issues with your business.

AutoAlert instant messaging from your desktop to your mobile telephone or iPhone

Key features of AutoAlert instant messaging

  • Send instant messages direct to your employees iPhone, iPad or mobile.
  • SMS your customers and suppliers.
  • Set up delayed SMS messages to remind you about an event or to alert you when a trigger has been activated.
  • View all your messages in one place along with easy access to your contact information.
  • Invite other contacts to join you.

If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry the key features of AutoAlert are also available on most standard smartphones with a web browser.

AutoAlert instant messaging on your iPhone or iPad

Other features: Alerts

AutoAlert instant messaging from your desktop to your mobile telephone or iPhone

AutoAlert instant messaging is not just about communicating with your colleagues. From its early days, sending alerts was a key feature of AutoAlert and one that kept you informed with what is happening with your vehicles. (hence the name AutoAlert). AutoAlert alerts now also shed light on your business letting you know when a job has been received or if an engineer is running late.

  • Set up areas and get notified if any of your engineers enter and/or leave that area.
  • View alerts if any alarms have been activated.
  • Immediately see if any job has not been viewed or actioned.
  • Generate automated messages to your customers letting them know that their appointment has been booked.

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Job scheduling and tracking

AutoAlert’s new job scheduling and tracking software helps companies of all shapes and size better manage their jobs.

It takes the best features of social networking and applies it to your business.

With AutoAlert job scheduling and tracking, you can connect to your customers and suppliers. Send receive and update your jobs and always know what is going on with your business.

Existing systems are often complicated, they require you to adapt your business to fit in with their features rather than providing software that fits in with your needs. More importantly they have not learnt from the latest advances in technology which are providing many innovative products and services for consumers but little value for companies.

AutoAlert’s Job Scheduling and Tracking software is simple and flexible and is designed from the bottom up to fit around your business.

With AutoAlert you can configure your jobs and create check sheets which can be displayed periodically, at the start of the job or any time throughout the course of the job.

These check sheets could include a daily driver check to ensure your vehicles are up to standard, the check sheets could include risk assessment forms helping to ensure a safe working environment for your engineers. Checksheets could be used as a service sheet, a delivery note or for customer feedback.

AutoAlert web and phone based job scheduling and tracking software

So how does AutoAlert’s job scheduling software benefit you

AutoAlert is a simple, easy way to collect job information from your customers and then send it to your employees and subcontractors. You can watch your jobs status as it’s updated by your engineers rather than having to chase them to find out what’s going on (or not, as the case may be).

By allowing you to concentrate on the exceptions rather than worrying about the status of every job, it free’s up more of your time to concentrate on building your business.

AutoAlert Job Scheduling can also save you money

With AutoAlert job scheduling and tracking software, duplicate paperwork, missing or incomplete job sheets and missed appointments are a thing of the past. As your job sheet is updated in real-time, there’s no more irate customers wanting to know why your engineer has not turned up to do the job and there’s no more frustration when you can’t raise invoices because your job sheets are incomplete.

You can raise your invoices more quickly and more accurately, meaning you get paid quicker and with less disputes.

But, what if you’re engineers are no good with technology

If they can use their phone then they can use AutoAlert jobs scheduling. AutoAlert is simple and easy to use. There is no complex set up, no heavy manuals and no need for training. You and your engineers can be up and running in no time!

I get faxes and emails from my customers, how can I stop retyping this information?

AutoAlert is a connected system. You can connect to your customers, they can enter jobs and you will get the details immediately. You can allocate the job to your employees or subcontractors and everyone is aware as soon as they update the job. Both your customers and subcontractors can link to you as well as their other partners so there’s no more having to log in and out different system.

Job tracking software is expensive

You can sign up to AutoAlert now for free and with no credit card. Once signed up you can check out the software, connect to your customers and subcontractors and start adding your first jobs. If you find it works, then our monthly subscriptions start from as little as £5 per month.

Create an account for free now and start

  • Connecting to your employees, customers and subcontractors,
  • Start adding and assigning jobs
  • Update and check your jobs.
  • Use AutoAlert’s instant messaging to communicate easily with your employees.

Monitoring the exception rather than having to watch every job is a godsend. It means we can take on more work in more areas and really grow our business” – Graham Warby, Owner, EP Response

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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking from AutoAlert helps you manage, protect and better utilise your vehicles.

GPS Tracking reduces fuel costs

GPS Tracking is especially important nowadays with seemingly ever increasing fuel costs.

GPS Tracking helps you ensure that you are using your vehicles efficiently, it helps you ensure that your vehicles are taking the right routes and GPS vehicle tracking helps ensure you’re not wasting money when a vehicle is idling for no reason.

GPS Tracking improves customer service

However, GPS tracking is not just about reducing costs. From speaking to our customers, one of the other big benefits of GPS tracking is the ability to make your life easier.

In the past, if a customer called wanting to know where their delivery was, it meant trying to get through to the driver, hoping they’d provide the right location, then calling your customer back. Only to have them call again in a few minutes when your vehicle still hadn’t arrived.

With AutoAlert GPS tracking, you can see where all you’re vehicles are in real time as well as being able to view their location relative to local traffic conditions. This means you can provide proactive and confident information to your own customers and reduce the need to chase your drivers.

For a small business, this can have a massive impact on your time and stress levels. As one of our customer said – “GPS vehicle tracking is like a window opening up on my world”.

So why use AutoAlert for your GPS vehicle tracking

AutoAlert is flexible and designed with your needs in mind, we offer three types of GPS tracking unit depending on your requirements – installed GPS tracking, portable tracking and mobile / iPhone tracking.

Installed GPS Tracking

AutoAlert installed GPS tracking device

Installed GPS tracking is our top of the range solution. It’s ideal for companies who want to get a detailed view of what is happening with their vehicles and really optimise their vehicle’s usage.

The unit continually transmits its location when the ignition is switched on allowing you to watch your vehicles location as it drives around.

In depth reporting allows you to drill down into your vehicles performance. Reduce administration and improve performance through driving times reports, working times, stationary times, idling times, routes taken, speeding and many more.

Portable GPS Tracking

A more simple option is our portable GPS tracking unit.

AutoAlert portable GPS tracking device

Our portable GPS tracking units can be placed within your vehicle allowing you to monitor your vehicles location with the minimum of hassle – no installation, no complex wiring just place the unit on your dashboard and away you go.

Simple reports are available such as activity reports, speeding reports, area alerts and routes taken

Mobile phone tracking

AutoAlert iPhone and iPad GPS tracking

If you don’t want to start with an installed or portable GPS tracking device, then our iPhone and mobile applications are the most simplest option. Simply download from the iTunes store or log in on your smartphone and start sending your location.

iPhone or mobile phone tracking is ideal if you have employees working in remote locations, if you want to track your employees location rather than a vehicles location, or if you simply want a cheaper route into GPS tracking.

Reports include tracks and routes taken, activity and geographic alerts.

Your employees can also send alerts back to base if they have any problems and you can communicate with them easily via AutoAlert instant messaging.

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Common methods of vehicle tracking

The most common methods of vehicle tracking vary somewhat depending on the size of the vehicle fleet. Large fleets tend to use equipment that is more elaborate because they can afford the greater cost, while small and medium sized fleets generally use less expensive systems that provide less functionality. New technology, however, is rapidly changing the cost effectiveness and quality of tracking systems available to these small and medium sized fleets.


Large fleets that can take advantage of economies of scale typically use some form of GPS tracking and a central base station or dispatch point. The vehicle units can be quite expensive, as can the base station infrastructure and staffing requirements. Only the largest fleets can usually afford the capital investment that is required and the long timeframe that is needed to gain a return on that investment. Additionally, these types of systems require a monthly fee that can quickly become quite expensive.


Most small and medium fleets will use some variation of vehicle tracking that is less costly to implement and maintain. For some this means using radios and a dispatch center, mobile telephones and a central office, or something similar. They may have a computer-based tracking process in the central location or, for very small fleets, they may opt instead for a simple map and manual tracking.

Quite a number of small fleets, in the range of one to ten vehicles, do not use active vehicle tracking at all. This may be due to the costs involved, lack of experience with tracking processes, or lack of awareness of the significant benefits that can be realized by an effective vehicle tracking system.


The newest technology available has the potential to radically alter the affordability and efficiency of vehicle tracking systems. Pioneered by AutoAlert, this system uses a small unit installed in the vehicle and a web based interface that is accessed by a standard mobile telephone, laptop computer, or PC.

The advantages are many. First, the start up cost of the system is extremely reasonable due to the relatively low cost of the vehicle unit itself. Second, there are no ongoing subscription or maintenance fees, thereby minimizing operating costs. And third, fleet managers can access tracking information from wherever they may be with just their mobile telephone. This allows them more freedom to get out of the office and into the field where their time is best utilized.


For the first time, small and medium sized fleets can gain access to an economical and easy to use vehicle tracking system. This means they can start reaping the benefits of reduced driver downtime, more efficient dispatching, field replenishment of supplies, etc. In a competitive business model, the extra edge gained from efficient vehicle tracking can mean the difference between a fleet owner prospering or just getting by.