Instant messaging from AutoAlert

With AutoAlert instant messaging, you can easily send instant messages to your colleagues from your desktop, mobile or tablet.

You can also communicate with your customers and subcontractors and get automated alerts if there are any issues with your business.

AutoAlert instant messaging from your desktop to your mobile telephone or iPhone

Key features of AutoAlert instant messaging

  • Send instant messages direct to your employees iPhone, iPad or mobile.
  • SMS your customers and suppliers.
  • Set up delayed SMS messages to remind you about an event or to alert you when a trigger has been activated.
  • View all your messages in one place along with easy access to your contact information.
  • Invite other contacts to join you.

If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry the key features of AutoAlert are also available on most standard smartphones with a web browser.

AutoAlert instant messaging on your iPhone or iPad

Other features: Alerts

AutoAlert instant messaging from your desktop to your mobile telephone or iPhone

AutoAlert instant messaging is not just about communicating with your colleagues. From its early days, sending alerts was a key feature of AutoAlert and one that kept you informed with what is happening with your vehicles. (hence the name AutoAlert). AutoAlert alerts now also shed light on your business letting you know when a job has been received or if an engineer is running late.

  • Set up areas and get notified if any of your engineers enter and/or leave that area.
  • View alerts if any alarms have been activated.
  • Immediately see if any job has not been viewed or actioned.
  • Generate automated messages to your customers letting them know that their appointment has been booked.

Find out about all of the features of AutoAlert’s innovative instant messaging software


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