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AutoAlert GPS Tracking, Job Scheduling and Messaging on your iPhone, mobile, iPad or Desktop


AutoAlert was established in 2004. The initial premise was to link your car to your mobile telephone and provide alerts if your car was tampered with or stolen.

“I live in London and I could never get a parking space near my flat.  One week I came down to pick my car up only to find an irate note on the windscreen as the alarm had gone off each night, unfortunately this was the first I’d heard of it”  says Richard Harris, Director of AutoAlert.

AutoAlert’s first product was a re-engineered mobile telephone wired into the alarm and housed in a large black box.  When your alarm was activated, AutoAlert would automatically call your phone.  We quickly realised we could also track the phone and the next stage in AutoAlert’s development began with vehicle tracking and alerts available through your mobile telephone.

AutoAlert Fleet Tracking

By 2007 we were also receiving a lot of interest from companies with fleets of vehicles who liked the ease of use of the product but needed more features such as real-time tracking and reporting.  We therefore enhanced the AutoAlert system and developed an installed tracking unit which could send its location in real-time.

Through 2009 development continued a pace with the launch of our portable tracking unit as a cheaper and simpler alternative to our installed units.  With the advent of the iPhone, you can locate your phone on the AutoAlert system as well as view the location of any of your other vehicles.

AutoAlert iPhone Tracking

By 2011, the iPhone and iPad were really gaining significance for AutoAlert.  They allowed us to work in multiple markets around the world and offer a really simple solution to managing your vehicles.

Latest developments

Development continues apace.  We launched a number of Congestion Charge Check and Remind applications to help customers reduce the fines and penalties associated with entering a congestion zone and forgetting to pay. 

We’ve also continued to develop the AutoAlert system with the addition of job scheduling and enhanced messaging.

Job scheduling and messaging

Job scheduling helps estate agents, insurance companies, transport companies and many more to really manage their business. Companies can connect to each other then send, receive and allocate jobs to their engineers or subcontractors. Automated notifications are generated to ensure everyone is aware of the job and its status can be updated in real time on a desktop, mobile telephone or iPhone/iPad.

No more logging in and out of different systems, no more not knowing what is happening with a job and no more missing, late or ineligible paper job sheets!

You can also keep in close touch with instant messaging direct from your desktop or between mobile phones and iPhones/iPads

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